About me

Welcome to my blog! Before you checkout my pages, here is an introduction to myself, and why I have created this blog on Dubai:

I’m currently a student at Santa Clara University, where I am studying Communication and film. Although I have spent most of my life growing up here in the Bay Area of California, during 2003-2009 I lived with my family in Dubai. My family decided to move there as my dad had found a job in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates). My parents also wanted us to grow up in an Islamic environment so that we could learn more about our religion, and so we could learn Arabic. I was in 5th grade through 11th grade in Dubai, until my family decide that we should move back to the U.S. so that I could finish up high school in America which would make it easier for me to go to university here (education in Dubai differs greatly from here in the U.S.) as well as for my mother’s health. I finished my junior year at a public school (my first time at an American public school), and went on to graduate and pursue a higher education degree.

In my Global Interpersonal Communication class where we discuss our study abroad expereinces as well as intercultural competence, we were asked to create a blog about our experience. The certain topics our blog covers are an overall introduction to our place of study, a social issue we care about there, exploring values associated with certain local phrases, advice to future sojourners, and reflections on how we have changed and grown after coming back from our study abroad experience. Although I do not have the “typical” study abroad experience of studying in another country for a semester or two, I am sharing my insight into living in Dubai as a high school student for many years. While I have certain views on Dubai which are influenced by growing up here in America as well as my upbringing, my religion, and my personal beliefs, I hope to shed some light on the experience of living in Dubai as I feel that there isn’t a lot of information out there on studying in Dubai, as it is a relatively “new” city, and international universities have popped up in Dubai only within the last ten years. I am open to comments and questions on my pages and hope that this blog may help any students who are thinking about studying in Dubai or just want to know a little more about this city!


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